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PROKONA - CAD office

Glavna 29, HR-40323 Prelog, CROATIA

European Union

WAT Nr.: HR37258577601

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Prokona - your reliable partner Prokona - your reliable partner

PROKONA is a CAD office, which quickly and efficiently, solves different technical problems in mechanical engineering.

Main activities: manufacturing drawings, detailing, 3D CAD, machine design, design calculations and cost estimates for quotations in mechanical engineering.

Our target is to provide fast and quality CAD service when yours existing capacities are not sufficient (e.g. holidays), or do not have suitably qualified staff.

At the given moment, recruitment of additional qualified personnel is not an option, because it requires considerable cost in time and money, and the work should be done immediately.

In such cases PROKONA will do it quickly and efficiently moreover your costs will stay minimal.

PROKONA is the result of plentiful experience in diverse areas of mechanical engineering.


                    Short deadlines? Lack a CAD workforce?

                                          We can help!

                                    Quickly and reliably!


| PROKONA, Glavna 29, HR-40323 Prelog, Croatia, European Union | Wat. Nr.: HR37258577601 |

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