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Machine & Equipment - design references


Through the years of working in prominent companies from our surrounding (MIV, Hespo, Letina Inox, Inoxch, EKO, ABB) we have gained a  valuable experience in design and improvements of products and processes.

With more than 15 years in close working with production, we bring a lot of experience in the field of construction of container and mixers for beverages, construction of pasteurs for piece goods as well as experience in the construction of fireplaces, wood gasification.  These experiences we use widely in construction of new machinery and equipment, and that is what is often missing a designer.

Immediately upon construction, we take care that materials, semi-pieces and machining, are selected so that later purchasing and production could run smoothly.

You have an idea, but need help in implementatin - contact us, we are the right partner for you.

1. Industrial Cleaning Cabin

Design of industrial cleaning cabin Cleaninig cabin (water + air)

For Croatian customer we have constructed mechanical parts of the cleaning unit.

First, a basic design was made according to customer's idea / requirements.

After release, we have designed it in detail and prepare workshop blueprints (drawings), parts list, and dxf-s for laser cutting.

For marketing purpose and user manual, we have prepaered a few render as well as explosion drawing.

The machines are sold to Switzerland.

  • Design of the mechanical part of the "cleaning unit" according to customer requirements
  • Basic & detail design with manufacturing drawings, parts lists, DXFs, explosion drawing, render


2. Centrifugal pendulum testing station

In cooperation with the company ATINEL d.o.o. as the carrier of the project, we have realized a complete mechanical part of the project "Centrifugal pendulum testing station" (Turbines HPP "Dubrava" - mechanical protection against overspeeding) 

  • Design & Calculation - mechanical part
  • Manufacturing drawings and BOMs
  • Parts List
  • Instructions - mechanical part

3. Wood gasifier

Wood gasifier

Construction of a prototype - Wood gasifier

  • Complete documentation for prototyping
  • Manufacturing drawings & DXF s for laser
  • BOM


4. Furnace / boiler

Construction of a furnace for living rooms, which can be simultaneously connected to the central heating. So far, four such fireplaces have been produced and tested successfully.

The development process consisted of several steps:

  • Analysis of the idea, cost analysis,
  • Preliminary calculation of the final price,
  • Dimensioning and construction,
  • Preparation of manufacturing drawings

Currently, investors are still waiting for the license acquisition (Pressure Equipment Directive) and an extensive marketing campaign in order to subsequently place the product on the market.


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